17 02 2010

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The Other Side Cafe, Newbury

This weekend, we decided to add some edge to our brunch experience. The Other Side Café near the Hynes Convention Center and Newbury area offers an alternative, eclectic atmosphere where the servers show off their funky personalities with their colorful tattoos and piercings. These servers even travel in style! One of the servers parked his bike inside the restaurant, behind the coffee counter! He did not waste one minute to get ready and change since the servers here are encouraged to show their fashionable styles and serve wearing their regular clothes.

The brunch menu contains lots of egg options, mostly, but it didn’t offer many for my sweet tooth, which was disappointing.

Belgium Waffles with chocolate chips at The Other Side Cafe

I ended up ordering a Belgium Chocolate Chip waffle which was one of my few options after the Cinnamon French Toast. I do have to say that I savored every piece of that waffle with enough chocolate chips to make me feel satisfied and not too many to make my waistline regret it! My sidekick ordered the Huevos Rancheros, and did not wait not one second after the first bite into the elaborate plate to make his “mmmm” “que rico!” (delicious) comments!

Sharing is caring! The combination of sweet waffle with the spicy huevos rancheros (with amazing guacamole, according to my partner in crime, made for a pleasant taste for our palates!

The black paint and graffiti décor as well as the glass ceiling concept in the second floor made the experience a unique one.

Que rico! A very happy camper! Huevos Rancheros

Yet, we concluded that there was nothing else in the menu that would make us come back for more. It was difficult to even try to figure out what to eat at first! Hopefully, the choices will be vast at our next Sunday brunch special.

We’ll keep you posted. But until then…

Signing out, one brunch at a time.

The Other Side Cafe

Neighborhood: Newbury

407 Newbury St.




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