Worth the Wait….and the Food Comma!

17 02 2010

Enjoy this song as you read this blog!

Zaftigs, Coolidge Corner

It’s snowing! It’s 10 am, and I have arrived a bit earlier than my sidekick at Zaftig’s Delicatessen located in the always-busy Brookline street of Coolidge Corner. Although the weather is a bit rebellious today, families, friends, and couples of all ages have already found a warm spot inside the establishment, either eating or waiting patiently in line. I was told by my friends that Zaftig’s is popular for Sunday brunch and have not been proven wrong! But, not to worry! My early arrival has earned us a spot on the list! Even from the line, I could smell eggs and pancakes being made, but what caught my attention the most was the elaborate list of brunch options available on the menu!

With my partner-in-crime by my side, we kicked off this mouth-watering brunch series at Zaftig’s. Although my sweet tooth fell in love with the buttermilk pancakes and French toast options, the San Francisco Joe’s Special was my final verdict (San Fran has been on my mind a lot lately! After all ,Full House and Vertigo did call SF home!). I will not disappoint my health-conscious readers…these were made with egg beaters for an extra charge of $1 and the gratification of less pounds to burn off at the treadmill 🙂 .

San Francisco is calling!

The combination of ground turkey, spinach, and onions in The San Francisco Joe’s Special makes all of your taste buds come alive with one bite. It was incredible! Now, the portion sizes for these brunch items are very large and satisfying. So, come with an appetite!

This house favorite came with my choice of bread (toasted rye was my choice), homemade fries and delicious fresh fruit! Cannot go wrong with that!

Of course my partner-in-crime could not resist the waiter’s recommendation to get the house’s specialty and most popular plate: the Banana Stuffed Challah French Toast. This treat was one of the best and most delicious French toasts that I have ever tasted (of course, I forced him to share). The greatest difference in taste came from the texture of the challah bread, a traditional Jewish bread eaten on the Sabbath and on holidays. If you ever have the chance to try it, you will not regret it. The challah bread absorbed the maple syrup to perfection. Your taste buds continue to discover new flavors as you bite into the French toast which has a firm banana and, as you go further, a ripe banana, which become the perfect combination between levels of sweetness and firmness. Mmmmm!! I can still taste it as I write this blog.  Big thanks to my accomplice!

In for a Treat- Banana Stuffed Challah French Toast

The presentation of the simple plates that we ordered were very gourmet to say the least. Starting with the green tea presentation on a clear glass flask to preserve the heat of the water to the fruit décor on top of the challah bread topped with powdered sugar to the right proportions for my elaborate egg scramble plate! Ooh la la! Bon Appétit!

We left Zaftig’s under the effects of a food comma, but one that was worth the wait. With the immense list of delicious choices to our favorite comfort foods with a twist, a future visit to Zaftig’s will definitely make its way to our exciting brunch series.

This is a keeper.

Signing out, one brunch at a time.

Zaftig’s Delicatessen
Neighborhood: Coolidge Corner
335 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446



4 responses

21 02 2010
Jessica K.

Those plates do look very gourmet! I don’t know if I should compliment your photography skills or the chef. As for this:

“Your taste buds continue to discover new flavors as you bite into the French toast which has a firm banana and, as you go further, a ripe banana, which become the perfect combination between levels of sweetness and firmness”

I don’t know if I’m looking too much into things, but sounds like an awfully sexual experience. 😉 I jest, I jest.

22 02 2010

Credit goes to the chef on this one, Jessica! Mmm…pointing out this part of my blog definitely makes me see you point…well, if food makes me write these things on a public blog entry, then you know that it must be good !!
I leave it up to you to experience it and to let us know your thoughts.
Until then,
Keep on brunching!

24 02 2010

The detail in this entry is fantastic! I am so hungry after reading this entry and am promising myself to wake up early this weekend to try the banana challah french toast! AHHH mouth watering! Can’t wait to read more

24 02 2010

I assure you that you will NOT be dissapointed! So, layer up and head down to CC for this amazing treat. You deserve it!
Until then,
Keep on fantasizing about this brunch!

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