The Best of Both Worlds- 1 Single Spot

6 03 2010

This Norah Jones song will get you in the mood for candlelight dining 🙂

The Paramount, Beacon Hill

After attending a blogger’s meeting a couple of weeks back, I was motivated by my brother to shoot a quick e-mail to The Paramount staff to tell them about the lovely brunch that Rene and I had at the restaurant and to refer them to read the blog entry. A couple of minutes later, I find myself opening an e-mail from the owner himself, inviting us to return during dinner time. “You should come back for dinner since it’s a totally different experience,” the owner advised…and different, it definitely was.

I am aware that I have created this blog to share some fun brunch experiences, but I believe that Paramount deserves a little piece of my commentary on our dinner rendezvous so that you can go check it out for yourself and realize that you can definitely have the best of both worlds at one single spot in Beacon Hill.

It’s 7:30pm, and we find ourselves in this welcoming neighborhood once again. From outside, my brother and I notice the dimmed lights and are greeted by some familiar brunch faces in the staff. Rene immediately notices that “The Policy” has been substituted by a large green board listing the night’s specials. “That makes senses,” he says, “We are no longer waiting in line. Table service is offered.” A nostalgic sigh is let out by the both of us as we remember “The Policy,” but we are comforted that it will make its glorious, awaited come-back during brunch time. It has only been a few minutes since we sat down and spoke to the owner, and we find ourselves excited to try some of the top recommendations we have received from him.

I close my eyes for a minute to try to capture the ambiance. There’s mellow music playing in the background and the sound of multiple voices chattering away overpowers the perimeter. I can hear the wine being poured into the glass of one of the guests in the neighboring table to my left, followed by a sudden clatter of glasses in the air. I can smell the sizzling of a steak being cooked nearby. I know that I have been here before and that you have been introduced to this same place through my previous writings. It is The Paramount, displaying metamorphosis at its best.

You should come back for dinner since it’s a totally different experience.” -The Paramount’s Owner

A soothing level of intimacy is created by the soft lighting from small candles and by the display of wine bottles and modern flower bases. It is incredible to see how the diner-style tables also blend themselves to this new look, making the décor an edgier version of contemporary and chic styles. Similarly, the closeness of the tables to each other also makes you feel like you are part of this neighborhood of friends, colleagues, and families that have gathered to indulge on this night.

My partner-in-crime also notices how the open-kitchen concept works very well during dinner , replacing the eggs and the French toast grills for the asparagus and the filet mignons.

I have been craving salmon lately, so I become very happy when the owner points out the Teriyaki Glazed Salmon on the menu. Accompanied by a glass of Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio (Italy 2007), the juiciness from the salmon topped with Macadamia nuts and accompanied by sautéed mushrooms (similar to the mouth-watering champinones that my host mom in Spain used to make), lo mein noodles, and stir-fried vegetables make this dish a must have at Paramount. And may I add one small but imperative detail: warm food on warm plates—the kitchen staff was starting to win me over already.

Salmon, Macadamia nuts, and lo-mein? Your palates will not regret it.

Rene decided to order the Fresh Ground Turkey Burger served with pear chutney, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and red onions and and paired with homemade French fries. When you bite into this burger you start to question yourself, “What is that sweet sauce…I cannot really point out exactly what it is.” It is this guessing game, caused by the pear chutney spread that keeps you wanting more. But, Rene definitely agreed that next time he will go for one of the Paramount Classics (after having fallen in love with my salmon dish). The size of this burger and overall plate is very large, so come prepared if you are a burger devotee.

Pear chutney on a Turkey Burger- try it for yourself!

Warm chocolate combined with cold vanilla ice cream will make your taste buds melt.

Toward the end of our meal, Chef Gabriel Cheung approached us to remind us to save room for Paramount’s sweet-treat lovers, like myself: Paramount’s special version of a chocolate cake. You can never go wrong when a chef himself is recommending you some of his favorites, so we knew that there was no need to see the dessert menu after all.  After a few more wine sips, we are approached by our friendly waitresses, holding a masterpiece of a chocolate cake layered with fresh-cut strawberries showered in a warm raspberry reduction sauce. Vanilla ice cream and a peach reduction sauce as well as powdered sugar make this colorful plate a crime too delightful to skip. Now, major hint when you order this chocolate delight—do not forget to ask for the vanilla ice cream on the side; it definitely compliments the warm, lava chocolate cake to a completely different level experienced by your taste buds. This dessert is a sensation!

We left Paramount happy to know that it had not disappointed us once again. At the end of the day, the friendly staff and food quality have a common ground as the core of The Paramount, making each guest feel like accomplices coming together to continue to make this neighborhood jewel thrive.

Metamorphosis. A concept that gives you freedom, choice,uniqueness, and an edge…a competitive edge? Most certainly for Paramount.

A few other dinner recommendations from the owner:

  • Tacos served with seared ahi tuna, blood orange ponzu sauce
  • Chicken Picatta

Signing out, inspired by transformations.

Reference:“It’s An Assembly Line At Its Best”



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